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Bali Travel Money – Indonesian Rupiah

Have you heard a currency exchange company which offer good rates without asking for a commission? Travel Money is an ultimate provider you must consider. Its services are very far from those banks who are only attracted with your money alone. There are institutions that encourage customers with lies and deceiving promises. If you will be easily convinced by such words, there is a tendency to lose your big investment. Similarly, the high profits you have been waiting for might vanish instantly. You surely want to protect yourself from that incident. The company will rescue you from potential risks.

Bali Travel Money – Indonesian Rupiah

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BIG SAVINGS – Excellent Rate with $0 Commissions

Do you want to have big savings? You cannot get it from banks, but possible with Travel Money. There is no commission for every transaction we will have. For long years in the industry, the company’s heart is committed on serving the customers. We are dedicated on giving selfless service just to contribute to your goal towards high profits.

With the available rates for Rupiah, you truly guaranteed with high value for your currency. Whether you have enough or great number of Rupiah, there is an assurance that you will receive the product of your sacrifice. We understand that every currency counts so all rates are offered at your convenience.

Buying IDR Online – By simply applying for a pre-order, you can already notify our company. The reservation you made will be recorded to the system. If you are in a nearby location, you can visit the in-store branches to do the currency exchange over the counter. You don’t need to form lines on banks for the completion of your request. Everything will be done through following the applicable procedures.


Indonesia recognizes cash economy as payment on department stores, restaurants, and other establishments. When a person is in Indonesia, it is necessary to have hard cash. Having Rupiah on your pocket will allow you to shop whatever you want, pay taxi bills, and have alternative payment method if your card failed to operate.

Travel Money will be your best partner if you want your currency to be exchanged on high value. When it comes to ATM access, you are subject to 24 hours of daily operation which also applicable for credit card usage. If you prefer international cards, you can easily purchase items on shopping centers or avail services in hotels. However, there will be charges for using the debit card. It is still a better option to have a hard cash. With the assistance of Travel Money, you are guaranteed with excellent prices for the currency you want to exchange.

SECURE YOUR RUPIAH with Travel Money

You must always consider the safety of your money. Just imagine how far you can reach if your currency is exchanged on the most suitable way. Around the area, customers must make sure that he selects a reliable provider. There are existing rates that are simply offered to encourage those people who need services for currency exchange and money transfer. Instead of being settled with any company, a trustworthy one like “Travel Money” must be considered.

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